A letter to the Daily Telegraph

A letter to the Daily Telegraph

Dear Daily Telegraph,

Well, thanks for that. If my voting preference depended on how well the leader of a political party got on with his own children, this would be solid information I could take to the polling booth in September, safe inĀ the knowledge that the Leader of the Opposition is liked and loved by his offspring.

Unfortunately, I like a little more information about potential leaders. I know I’m being fickle but I tend to like to know what they intend doing while in office. It’s called “policy” in case you haven’t heard of it and from your coverage of the Leader of the Opposition I can only assume you haven’t or you don’t find it all that important. Yes, what they intend to do with the country when they get control of it says a lot about who the candidate is and what their plans are.

Unless of course you get a glowing endorsement from a candidate’s family. Who cares about all that boring and stuffy economic policy twaddle? Obviously not you guys at the Tele because you don’t seem to interested in uncovering what the Opposition Leader’s policies are. Your disinterest can only be matched by that of the Member for Warringah who seems to be a complete cypher on the subject.

Then again, he’s hardly been given the chance to tell us what his policy is. He can’t seem to land an interview with anyone and when he does the interviewer focusses on his personal life and not his political one. Like his appearance on 60 Minutes with Liz Hayes: I’m sure he was completely frustrated that he wasn’t given the chance to defend himself from the rumours that he was instrumental, along with Christopher Pyne, Julie Bishop and Mal Brough in the pursuit of Peter Slipper in what the court has since described as a nuisance sexual harassment case. But the subject wasn’t raised by Liz who was only interested in the far more important issue: Does your family like you?
Of course, Mr Abbot was fully aware of Mr Slipper’s multiple malfeasance, considering he had covered them up until Mr Slipper had up and turned traitor but this is by-and-large irrelevant because Mr Abbot’s daughters like his new haircut.

And this is the important thing in this election cycle: Tony Abbott has women in his corner; women who think he’s a bit of a dag and not at all a misogynist. I’m sure that if the Leader of the Opposition’s daughters can overlook statements like:
“I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons …”
he’s got to be a good bloke.
So imagine my relief at knowing that a failed Catholic priest-turned political bovver boy has a family that loves him … because, in the end, that’s what’s important … well, important to you.

For the rest of us, those people that are concerned that the Houses of Parliament are about to be handed over to a political opportunist with little or no regard to facts when it comes to political point-scoring, we’ll be looking at more than what shade of blue the Opposition Leader’s tie is. His daughters and you may think that this is important for him to focus on if he wants to be Prime Minister but some of us are after something more substantial …
In an alternative Prime Minister and in journalism.

David Callan
2 April 2013